"A bit too aggressive": Biathlete Preuss misses the last shot

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"On the whole, I am satisfied": Franziska Preuß (Photo: imago / GEPA pictures)

Thursday, December 06, 2018

A hit yet, and she makes it to the podium for the first time in her career. But the German biathlete Franziska Preuß shoots past the finish and has to settle for the World Cup in Pokljuka with tenth place. The winner is the Ukrainian Julija Dschyma.

German biathlete Franziska Preuß has awarded a podium finish in the World Cup individual in Pokljuka with the last shot. The 24-year-old conceded a penalty minute over the 15 kilometers and finished the race in tenth place, 59.1 seconds back on winner Julija Dschyma. The Ukrainian remained clean in the first single race of the season in Slovenia and had a lead of 5.9 seconds over Polyna Monika Hojnisz after the 15 kilometers. Third was the Czech Marketa Davidova. She shot past once and ended up 16.5 seconds behind the winner. More on the subject "In the last shot, I was perhaps a bit too aggressive, which is annoying in retrospect, but on the whole I'm satisfied," said Preuß in the ARD. In the absence of two-time Olympic gold medalist Laura Dahlmeier, the Germans made a total of 18 errors on the shooting range and made no further top placements.Franziska Hildebrand finished fourth with four penalties, Nadine Horcher missed once the target and came in 23rd place Women continue their sprint on Saturday. Dahlmeier, who had to take a break because of a weakened immune system, is preparing for her comeback at home. Probably the 25-year-old will start in the World Cup next year.
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