A Stuttgart woman finds her father in Jerusalem: Suddenly Daughter – Panorama

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By Lisa Welzhofer 17 October 2018 – 13:36 For decades, our editor Lisa Welzhofer did not know who her father was. Then she went to Israel to search. Her moving family history has now been processed into a book.

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"I'm already waiting for your call the whole day" is the first sentence that our author's father says to his daughter. This is followed by a first cordial meeting in Jerusalem in 2008.

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Stuttgart / Jerusalem – The man behind the receptionist looks at me with interest and a little scrutiny. As a solo traveler, I am an exotic in the hotel of the kibbutz. Usually there are groups of pilgrims staying in the footsteps of Jesus around the Sea of ​​Galilee – who sing to the guitar when I arrive at the hotel lobby seating areas. "Are you there to see the places of the Bible?" Asks the receptionist. "No," I say, and then nothing, because I do not want to explain to him that I'm not looking for a Savior, but for my unknown father – and a little bit for myself.

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