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By red October 18th, 2018 – 4:19 pm Avocados should not be vegan? At least when it comes to a quiz show on the British television channel BBC, strict vegans can no longer eat the popular superfruit.
Are avocados not vegan at all?

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Stuttgart – Avocados are healthy superfoods and are a popular substitute for animal products, especially among vegans. But the green fruits are not vegan at all, according to BBC.

A bone of contention is a question in the BBC quiz show "QI": "Which of these foods can you eat as a strict vegan?" You can choose from almonds, avocados, kiwis, pumpkins and melons. The answer also surprises the candidates: "None".
Although avocados are not made of animal-derived products and a worm that may be in the fruit, is not meant. It is more about the cultivation and the required bees.
Why exactly avocados are not strictly vegan, you can see in the video:

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