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By red / dpa 07 December 2018 – 14:31 clock The small football fan Murtasa from Afghanistan became known worldwide for his jersey of plastic bags two years ago. His idol Lionel Messi gave him a signed ball. The precious piece had to leave the seven-year-old fleeing from the Taliban.
The little Messi fan Murtasa had to flee from the Taliban – he left his signed ball behind.

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Kabul – Every morning little Murtasa came to his mother and let her give him his most precious possession. The seven-year-old patiently peeled him out of four plastic bags that had been slipped over each other on top of each other: a white and blue football, signed by his idol Lionel Messi. But now the Afghan boy, who became a star on the Internet two years ago with a jersey made of plastic bags, can no longer marvel at his ball. Because the family had to flee like many other people in recent weeks from their home district Jaguri. Without the ball.

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Little Messi fan on the run

        Murtasa Ahmadi
Messi meets his "plastic bags" fan from Afghanistan

Taliban fighters had tried to overrun the district in the central province of Gasni. The Messi trophies – including two signed jerseys – were left behind, say Murtasa and his 17-year-old brother Humajun.
Everything went very fast. The father had received a phone call that Anguri, a small town near her hometown Sang-e Masha had fallen to the Taliban. Then they broke up immediately. "How should I have brought the ball when I had to escape?" Murtasa says when asked why he left behind his most valuable possessions. "We only walked out of the house in our clothes," says Humajun.
The messi jersey made famous by Martasa The security situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating for months. Today, the government controls only a little more than half of the country's districts, according to military information. The province of Gazni was particularly affected this year, in August, the Taliban tried to take the eponymous provincial capital. They left the city only after several days of fighting. The districts of Jaguri and Malistan, which were attacked by the Taliban in November, were previously considered the most peaceful in the province. Never played Murtasa with the ball of Messi, tells his mother during a conversation in Kabul on Thursday. He just turned it over in his hands, then wrapped it up in the plastic bags and returned it to her to keep it safe. Just as he had already presented every photograph of the striker from Argentina, which he discovered in newspapers, to his mother for safekeeping. Murtasa's homemade Messi jersey made the little football fan world famous two years ago. His brother Humajun had converted for him a blue-and-white striped plastic bag to the Argentine national jersey. "Messi" and the back number 10 were scrawled on it with a ballpoint pen. The image of Murtasa in the plastic bag jersey went viral in social networks. Murtasa got to know his idol Messi in person A little later, Messi sent him two signed shirts and the ball via the Unicef ​​children's charity. In December 2016, Murtasa met his idol in person before a friendly match for Messis FC Barcelona in Doha (Qatar). However, his notoriety also brought problems. The family received threatening phone calls. Many people would have thought that Murtasa had received much money from Messi, says his mother, Shafika Ahmadi. She still fears abduction and ransom pressures. For a while, the Ahmadis even fled to Pakistan. For a full year in Jaguri, the parents did not let the boy go to school. Even now in Kabul Murtasa should only play football in the courtyard and only now and then in the company of his brother out of the house, says his mother. Despite the fact that the family in Kabul now lives in a single room without visible heating, Murtasa is pleased. Because his ball was not lost. He lies next to the place in his parents' house where his mother tucked him daily. Murtasa has now in the city left relatives who are careful that nothing is looted or stolen, asked to send him with the next possibility to Kabul. Then he will be able to admire him daily again. The family itself can not go back because of the dangers.

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