Anti-Mafia investigations in North Rhine-Westphalia: Officials are said to have revealed secrets to mafia – Panorama

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By red / dpa 06 December 2018 – 17:16 In the fight against the Italian mafia and public servants from North Rhine-Westphalia have been targeted by the investigators. They should have provided Mafiosi with information.
In a raid in North Rhine-Westphalia numerous suspects were arrested on Wednesday.

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Duisburg – The anti-mafia investigations of the authorities extend in North Rhine-Westphalia also on officials. It is being investigated against five accused of treason secrets, said a spokeswoman for the Duisburg prosecutor on Thursday at the request of the German Press Agency.

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The global network of 'Ndrangheta

It involved two police officers, a government employee of the police, an employee of the city of Wesseling and a former employee of the city of Duisburg. They should all have illegally shared information with suspected mafiosi or their aides.
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Italian mafia investigators had warned that the mafia in Germany would try to infiltrate the economy and the state. The investigators did not want to divulge what information it is about the officials. The accused should have used "official information systems". As things stand, they have not received any financial compensation. The investigations were probably not endangered thereby. Main suspect arrested in Pulheim In the international anti-mafia raid with the code name "Pollino" North Rhine-Westphalia was one of the focus of the investigators on Wednesday. Numerous objects had been searched in NRW. Nationwide, several hundred police officers were in action. One of the main suspects was arrested in Pulheim near Cologne. It was a 45-year-old innkeeper. He is attributed to the powerful mafia group, Ndrangheta. Meanwhile, Italian investigators reported that in Bruges, a restaurant and ice cream parlor, the transport of cocaine from Latin America, Holland, Belgium and Germany to Italy was controlled. After the raid, the Italian prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri praised innovations in the German legislation: "Germany is gearing up," he said, alluding to the improved possibilities to access the assets of the mafia. Such legal action would have to be created throughout Europe. The, Ndrangheta is highly dangerous and the most important organization in international drug trafficking in South America and Europe. The investigation would have struck Ndrangheta, but it would not be over.

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