At Bonn: More than 20 injured after bachelor journey – Panorama

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By red / dpa Sep 16, 2018 – 19:33 clock Nearly 30 young people sit at a bachelor party on a tractor trailer. The driver turns with the team several laps in a roundabout – then it comes to the serious accident.
More than 25 young people were injured on Sunday in Swisttal Heimerzheim near Bonn (symbol image).

Photo: Phillip Weingand / STZN

Swisttal Heimerzheim – The tragic end of a bachelor trip: More than 25 young people were injured on Sunday in Swisttal-Heimerzheim near Bonn, when their tractor trailer overturned. 21 injured were taken to surrounding hospitals, said the police Bonn. One of the most seriously injured had to be flown to a hospital with a rescue helicopter. More accident victims came away with lighter injuries. Overall, according to police were 28 unsecured passengers on the trailer.

Emergency counselors take care of accident victims The 18-year-old driver initially drove several laps in the roundabout until the team tipped over to the right. All passengers were killed by the trailer. The roundabout was completely closed for several hours. An expert was consulted for the exact reconstruction of the accident. Emergency counselors looked after the accident victims. The tractor combination was ensured.

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