Controversy over doping victims help: Geipel goes and calculates: "A mess"

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"This is a relapse of enlightenment": Ines Geipel (Photo: dpa)

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Ines Geipel shapes the doping victim assistance over many years. After allegations and much dispute turns to their critics and gives the club presidency to the sports lawyer Michael Lehner. The lawyer now wants to "smooth the waves" and thinks of a cooperation.

Without a fight, let alone without comment, Ines Geipel did not want to vacate her place at the top of the doping victim assistance. Rather, the longtime champion, who was replaced by sports lawyer Michael Lehner, calculated with their critics from. "Suddenly those affected are now free-riders – that is a relapse of enlightenment in mythology – how can it be that the victims of state doping are criminalized," rejoiced the former world-class athlete at the awarding of the anti-doping prize in 2018 in Berlin. Werner Franke (Photo: picture-alliance / dpa) Words that went to the anti-doping fighter Werner Franke. The molecular biologist had sent Gerhard Treutlein, co-author of the book "Doping in elite sports", as well as the former athlete Claudia Lepping and the former cross-country skier Henner Misersky a letter to the Sports Committee in the German Bundestag and a reform of the Dopingopfer-Hilfegesetzes demanded. Their allegation was that claims by victims had not been thoroughly examined and freeloaders had been granted access to the one-off payment for ex-athletes affected by the DDR doping system. Allegations that Geipel did not want to stop. "If there's any doubt about the exams, then you have to go after them, but we're the wrong person in the letter, DOH has nothing to do with compensation claims, we do not check and we do not pay." "It's torture in my eyes "The fact that the doping victims help, which is supported by the federal government next year with 13.65 million euros, exposed to these allegations, was a hit in the face for those affected, said Geipel. Every day she is confronted with stories like that of a woman who was tied up as a six-year-old when jumping with a rope and had to overcome her fears when jumping into the water. "It's torture in my eyes and then these people need to hear that they're cheaters, and judging by the severity of the stories, I think it's a mess." The supporters of the letter substantiated their position in a 48-page dossier Title "Blackbox DOH – For an honest Doping-Enlightenment". It states: "We call for fundamental changes to the Anti-Doping Aid Act, to make the review procedures for compensation more stringent and transparent – and thus to prevent abuse by citizens." Only when the legitimate doubts about procedures and personal details are cleared up and all gaps are closed should it be decided to continue the fund. As a consequence of the week-long quarrels ("Had something unworthy") Geipel had made her job available after five and a half years. The members chose Lehner as their successor. "Straightening the waves" is what the 64-year-old lawyer sees as his task and suggested moderate tones. He had already spoken to Franke and brought comforting words. "It's not about the next step, it's about maintaining a clear position," said Lehner. The DOH had done a great job. Without them, the other side of the sport would not be so conscious, emphasized Lehner, who has been involved since the 1990s for the victims of systematic doping in the GDR. Meanwhile, at the general meeting about a cooperation with the athletes association athletes Germany was discussed. "We want to team up with the athletes and see where we can take our place," said Lehner.


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