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By AFP / Markus BrauerMarkus Brauer (mb) Profile 07. December 2018 – 13:03 Uhr Alarm pistols and signal weapons are more popular among the Germans than ever: the number of small arms certificates has more than doubled within four years. In Baden-Württemberg, too, people are getting ready.
Wreckher pistol "Walther P22" with magazine: More and more such weapons, which fall under the small WWaffenschein, go in Germany over the counter.

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Stuttgart / Berlin / Hanover – Daggers and signal weapons are as popular with the Germans as never before: The number of small firearms increased within four years to a good double, as a survey of the editorial network Germany in the interior ministries of the 16 states revealed. While there were 261,332 small arms certificates in 2014, by the end of October they had already reached 599,940 – an increase of around 130 percent.

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164 small arms certificates applied for

The increase is observed in all countries according to the survey. In the most heavily populated state of North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, the number of small arms licenses rose from around 65,000 in 2014 to around 154,000, in Lower Saxony from around 24,000 to around 59,000 and in Berlin from just under 9,000 to almost 19,000.
Massive increase in Baden-Wuerttemberg So the trend shows so far this year so far: the end of 2017, the number of stored small gun licenses in the National Arms Register still at 557 560, as at the beginning of the year from a response of the Federal Government to a small request of the Greens emerged.
In Baden-Württemberg, too, the number of small arms licenses has almost doubled over the past four years. Current figures of the Stuttgart Ministry of Interior prove: At the end of 2014, around 40,000 notes were stored, the number was around 77,300 in March 2018. Who owns a small firearm, may cause muzzling, irritants and signal weapons hidden, but only shoot in an emergency , Prerequisite for the grant is that the applicant is of legal age and appears personally suitable and reliable. Sharp weapons are not readily available in Germany. Jörg Radek, vice-chairman of the Police Union (GdP), is alarmed by the new numbers. "Weapons can not solve the problem" "We have to be careful that we do not get American relations in Germany," said the police unionist. "There is a danger that weapons will not be properly used and their owners endanger themselves." The counterpart usually can not assess what weapon it is and how practiced its owner. This could lead to overreactions. "A tightening of the law does not help us. What helps us is the insight that weapons do not solve the problem, "said Radek. Greens interior expert Irene Mihalic warned of a security risk. "More private weapons are no longer secure – on the contrary, they have the potential to cause conflicts to escalate into violence," Mihalic said. The monopoly on power lay with the state, there should be no doubt about that.

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