Curious scenes in Bangkok: Orangutan gropes his zookeeper – Panorama

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From 06th December 2018 – 3:43 pm Quite cheeky: An orangutan in a zoo obviously enjoys groping his zookeeper by the chest as she poses with the monkey for photos. The video has already caused a lot of laughter among users on the internet.

Bangkok – At Safari World Park in Bangkok, as usual, an animal keeper poses with an orangutan for visitors' souvenir photos. Suddenly, the monkey named "Ning Nong" comes very close to her – and obviously enjoys it.

The orangutan "Ning Nong" does not even get his laugh out of the face, puts his arms around the nurse and suddenly holds her to her left breast. The woman is a little confused and giggles embarrassed, as the primate grips tight. A colleague filmed the strange situation.
The tourists of the Safari Park in Bangkok can definitely take a unique souvenir photo after their visit.

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