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By bam December 06, 2018 – 5:46 pm A woman was filmed while showering in a Hilton chain hotel. The video landed on porn sites and was sent to her circle of acquaintances. Now the woman is suing the hotel chain for $ 100 million in damages.
The hotel chain said they wanted to work with the authorities on the matter.

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New York – It's the nightmare of any hotel visitor: a camera installed in the bathroom films you while showering. This scenario took place in 2015 in Albany, the capital of the state of New York.

A woman got off at the Hampton Inn and Suites, which belongs to the Hilton group, and now had to painfully notice that she was filmed not only while showering, but the video was also uploaded to numerous porn sites. In addition, it was systematically sent with her full name to herself and her circle of acquaintances. A man who called himself a "pervert" extorted the lady.
Other guests were filmed in the room The injured party has now sued the Hilton hotel chain for $ 100 million in damages. In the 19-page complaint, she accuses the group of negligence and complains that she has suffered "severe and permanent psychological injuries". She also states that other guests in the same room have been filmed.
The Hilton chain described the allegations as "frightening" as security and wellbeing were taken very seriously. The concern said the hotel was recently renovated. There was no camera been discovered.

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