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By bam 18 October 2018 – 17:09 A study by Greenpeace takes plastic waste in 42 countries under the microscope. It shows from which ten companies most of the plastic waste originates.

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PET bottles and polystyrene have the largest share of plastic waste.

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Stuttgart – The problem with plastic waste has long been known: bags, bottles, coffee mugs and packaging end up in large quantities in nature and the oceans. Now Greenpeace, in collaboration with other environmental organizations, claims to have carried out the world's largest plastic collection campaign.

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The action "Break Free From Plastic" therefore initiated 239 cleaning operations in 42 countries, where around 187,000 plastic parts were collected. Based on this could be analyzed which companies contribute especially to the plastic waste problem.
Coca-Cola is one of the largest garbage sinners As a result, the study identifies ten companies that cause the most plastic waste worldwide. For example, according to the Brand Audit Report, US beverage giant Coca-Cola is one of the garbage sinners: In only two out of 42 countries, activists found no plastic residue that could not be attributed to the beverage manufacturer's many products.
Styrofoam, as found in disposable coffee cups or as packaging material, accounts for the largest share of plastic waste, according to the study. Second is PET, from which plastic bottles are made. Look at our picture gallery: These ten companies cause the most plastic waste. See in the video: Whether coffee-to-go in a plastic cup, salad from the snack box or colorful straws in a cocktail – plastic packaging and products are part of everyday life for many people. But there is another way.
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