"Historic Event": Aston Martin joins the DTM

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DB11 or Virage? With which models Aston Martin competes in the DTM, is still unknown.
Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's done, the German Touring Car Championship brings a prominent replacement for the outgoing team of Mercedes on the racetrack: Nobody less than the British luxury brand Aston Martin enters the racing circus. That is not the only innovation.

The German Touring Car Championship is a bit British: manufacturer Aston Martin enters the next season in the Teutonic racing spectacle. The move will secure the future of the DTM for the time being, which had been questioned with the withdrawal of Mercedes. Now also in 2019 three different makes in the racing series at the start. Aston Martin competes with Team R-Motorsport against Audi and BMW. The two Bavarian manufacturers had repeatedly emphasized that they only wanted to continue in 2019, when it was clear that at least one new entrant would join the DTM by 2020 at the latest. Mercedes will be leaving the racing series after this season and, in addition to Formula 1, will be more involved in the all-electric Formula E. Gerhard Berger speaks of a "historic event." (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) "This decision by a luxury sports car manufacturer how Aston Martin is a historic event for our series and a milestone for the international orientation of the DTM, "said Gerhard Berger, chairman of the DTM umbrella organization ITR, just before the season finale in Hockenheim. The name DTM will not extend beyond the coming year give more. The reason for this is the internationalization of the ITR, which most recently intensified its multi-year cooperation with the GTA – umbrella organization of the Japanese SUPER GT series. How the series should be called in the future, but is still open. "We will continue to push ahead with the international expansion in coordination with teams and manufacturers, which should also be reflected in an adaptation of the series name for the season 2020," says Berger. Enthusiasm at Audi: "Great competition" Should preparations go according to plan, Aston will step in Martin with a car based on the model Vantage. Whether it works on time, is still open. "First race missions are already planned in the coming season," it said in the message. To the drivers and to the further extent of the commitment it will give only at a later time more details, it was said. Aston Martin also relies on the support of the company HWA of the long-time DTM boss Hans Werner Aufrecht. HWA was previously Mercedes team and collected most of the titles in the series. More on the subject The competitors are looking forward to the new brand. "This ensures that the DTM continues to be present at a high sporting and technical level with premium manufacturers and I believe that Aston Martin, Audi and BMW will have a great competition," said Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass.BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt "It's great news for the series and its fans, and it gives everyone involved planning security for years to come, and our confidence in the continued existence of the DTM and the many combined hours of work it has invested with ITR and Audi has paid off."

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