Illegal ingestion before Alpin victory: Oxygen cure is fatal for Luitz

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Happy too soon? Stefan Luitz could be disqualified from his victory in slalom (Photo: imago / Eibner Europa)

Friday, December 7, 2018

Completely surprised but overjoyed: This is how skier Stefan Luitz celebrates his comeback. A bright spot for the battered DSV team. But now the Ski World Federation is threatening to lose its victory – because it has inhaled more oxygen than is allowed.

Easy come easy go? The German Ski Association (DSV) and ski racer Stefan Luitz threatens a rude awakening after the triumph of Beaver Creek. In the worst case, the 25-year-old Allgäu could even be deprived of his first World Cup victory. The DSV athletes around Luitz had been supplied with oxygen before the giant slalom on Sunday. Alpin boss Wolfgang Maier already acknowledged that "we have made a mistake." We also did not know that the Fis did not adapt their regulations to the Wada code, "said Maier, but clearly stated:" We have no doping We fight back with our hands and feet. " The DSV has already been asked by the International Ski Federation (FIS) "to comment on the incident, we have of course complied with the request." The statement is available to the FIS The investigation is under way and we are waiting for a decision, "said DSV spokesman Ralph Eder. More about the topic The DSV had given his runners more than 3000 meters of oxygen before the race. According to the code of the World Doping Agency Wada, this has not been considered as doping since 1 January 2018. "And then we have addressed ourselves," said Maier. The Wada directive, however, apparently contradicts the Fis rules of competition. According to, the Ski World Federation reportedly made an anonymous protest against the DSV team after the race. Luitz, who had been injured for a long time, caused a sensation with his victory ahead of Marcel Hirscher from Austria and the Swiss Thomas Tumler. This was "simply indescribable," he said afterwards. Luitz had suffered a cruciate ligament tear in December 2017 and had long failed. Hirscher had congratulated his opponent: "It's Stefan's heart to breathe, because he always hurt himself when he was on the go, and he had to go the hardest way of any World Cup rider." The way could not have been worth it for the time being.


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