Image damage fears: Real sued newspaper for Ronaldo report

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Friday, October 12, 2018

As part of the rape allegations against football star Cristiano Ronaldo raises a Portuguese newspaper also strong allegations against his former club Real Madrid. But the "royal" do not want to sit on it.

Spain's football champions Real Madrid have sued the Portuguese tabloid Correiro da Manha in connection with the rape allegations against former striker Cristiano Ronaldo. It is about a report of the paper, according to which the association Ronaldo in the face of allegation of rape to an agreement with the alleged victim forced.Real denied that. "Real Madrid has because of a publication that is absolutely wrong and tries to improve the image Real Madrid had no knowledge of what the newspaper refers to in terms of Cristiano Ronaldo, "the official statement said. The Texan Kathryn Mayorga has claimed that Ronaldo raped her in 2009 in Las Vegas. As the mirror reported, both sides should have signed a mutual silence agreement in early 2010. But Mayorga should have received $ 375,000. Correio da Manha also played Ronaldo then club a role. Real had put pressure on Ronaldo to sign the contract. According to the report, the club reportedly worried about its image. In addition, the newspaper reports that Ronaldo's lawyers claim that their client and Mayorga returned to the Rain nightclub in Las Vegas following amicable intercourse. Currently, video recordings are sought to prove this version and could relieve the five-time world footballer.


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