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By Simone HöhnSimone Höhn (sdr) Profile October 11, 2018 – 2:47 pm The well-known presenter Michelle Hunziker lived in a sect for five years. How she was controlled and manipulated and how she made the jump, she has told in Frankfurt.
Radiant presenter Michelle Hunziker has a dark past: from 2001 to 2006 she lived in a sect and became increasingly isolated.

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Frankfurt – Everything started with the hair loss. Michelle Hunziker (41) was already a successful TV presenter in Italy, Switzerland and Germany at the end of the 1990s. She had just taken off Italy's famous bachelor Eros Ramazzotti, was herself a rising star and young mother of Aurora – a seemingly perfect life. But only seemingly. At the venue at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the presenter tells the story of her bizarre double life in the clutches of a cult.

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Michelle Hunziker takes care of her own children

"I was not really happy, even though everything seemed perfect," she says in Frankfurt, where she has a quiet but dignified appearance in front of journalists. The triggers of the cameras sound like the hundredfold click of quiet submachine guns. Before she enters the podium, the photographers call her: "Michelle, a little further to the left" – as if she were on the red carpet on the way to an award ceremony. As patient and charming as on TV, she smiles into the displays and lenses.
The main role in her story is played by a certain Clelia. A kind of healer and Michelle's substitute mother in the "Warriors of the Light" for five years, as Hunziker calls the sect in her book "A seemingly Perfect Life". Clelia initially treated Ramazzotti for voice problems – with laying on of hands and therapeutic discussions. That's how the self-proclaimed "Prana Therapist" and Michelle Hunziker got to know each other. Clelia treated Michelle's hair loss and felt that she was a perfect victim.
"Like a dangerous flower" The presenter Marco Schreyl sits next to Michelle Hunziker on the podium and wants to know how it could come that the presenter, who is considered clever, this woman and the sect is expired. Hunziker describes it like this: "The woman was like a dangerous flower. Nice and gentle. She had a nice smell and was motherly. She immediately recognized my weaknesses and subtly targeted them. "Clelia talked a lot about vertical and horizontal energies, as well as spiritual blocks, and hit the self-doubt-stricken Michelle Hunziker. "All fame and fortune is of no use if you carry something broken from your childhood with you." Her parents had separated because her beloved father was an "alcoholist", as Hunziker in her charming German-English mishmash with Italian- swiss accent says. "He was the hero of my childhood, but I also hated him for his drinking, so I had no contact with him anymore." Also, she often felt lonely when Eros was on tour and she was alone in the big house. She suffered from panic attacks for a long time. "In the end, that was a sick search for love," says Hunziker. Clelia started at this inner turmoil. "I could lean on, I could call her eight or ten times a day, she listened." "She taught us that we were the chosen ones because we were lucky enough to save her, our Master, our souls." When she tells her story, she often uses her fingers to make invisible quotes in the air. In the years since leaving the sect in 2006, she seems to have developed a healthy distance – which she has succeeded but only with therapeutic help. She suffered from panic attacks for a long time and had problems gaining confidence. The sect's noose tightened steadily. Clelia and her club lived on Hunziker's money, having lost millions of euros over the five years. The people were their agents, spokesman, and Clelia's son for a time Michelle's manager and friend. Their cell phones were controlled, their contacts controlled, their diet (vegan) and their clothes (only light and possibly silk) prescribed. The brainwashing was complete. "I was voluntarily caught," says Michelle Hunziker. "And when they realize that they are in control of you, they start isolating you from your family." "Eros had one day put me to the choice: the one or the other." Hunziker chose her new "family" , The subsequent custody process for her daughter Aurora got into the headlines, the press wrote that the Hunziker was obsessed with Satan. Her mother tried in vain to contact her daughter. As with drug addicts The exit finally succeeded when her daughter in 2006 said to her: "I want my bright, beautiful mum back." Doubts had gnawed at her for a long time. "I knew in my heart that my spiritual path, as I called it then, is not right. But it's like drug addicts, but you still can not get away from it. After all, she freed herself with the help of a colleague. "They told me that if I left, I would die. I know it sounds crazy, but I believed that at the moment. I said to myself, I'd rather die than just spend a day longer with these people. "Michelle Hunziker (41) speaks five languages ​​due to her biography: Italian, French, German, English and Dutch. She grew up as the daughter of a Dutch woman and a Swiss in German-speaking Switzerland, later in Italian Bologna. As a TV presenter, she works in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The former model became known through her marriage to the Italian singer Eros Ramazotti, with whom she has a daughter. Since 2014, Hunziker is married in his second marriage to Tomaso Trussardi, the heir of the eponymous Italian fashion company. The couple has two daughters together. German television viewers got to know Hunziker mainly through their co-moderation with Thomas Gottschalk and Hape Kerkeling. She was on the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar – Kids." A manageable circle

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