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By red / afp October 11, 2018 – 10:09 pm Free Sushi vs. Instagram Posts: Anyone posting the sushi dishes of a Milanese restaurant chain with a link to the bar gets its food for free. However, you need a few followers for a full stomach.
If you post a picture of your sushi, you will get your food for free.

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Milan – Free sushi for Instagram pictures to the Internet community: A restaurant chain in Milan, northern Italy, has come up with a special concept for its new branch in order to become better known and attract customers. Anyone who has 100,000 so-called followers in the online picture service and posts a picture of the restaurant or sushi dishes with a link to the bar, gets his food for free.

Discounts also for less followers The new branch of the chain "This is not a sushi bar" should open on Thursday evening, their offer applies starting from Monday. Discounts are also available with fewer Instagram followers – but you have to buy a meal and drink beforehand. "We were looking for an idea for our new restaurant," said one of the owners, Matteo Pittarello. They were then aware that the majority of their customers use Instagram and the image service is an excellent advertisement for the store.
The main sales are "This is not a sushi bar" with sushi deliveries home – for this the offer should not apply. Meanwhile, the chain can imagine expanding the concept of sushi versus Instagram followers to their other stores.

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