"Mode not so easy": Werner does not understand the Nations League

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Timo Werner's qualification status: It's complicated (Photo: imago / Andreas Gora)

Friday, October 12, 2018

Many roads lead to the EM 2020 – the Nations League is one of them. Really aware of the players of the German national football team like Timo Werner apparently not. The new competition keeps a possible backdoor open.

The League of Nations is about points and prestige – but what else? The new Uefa competition causes confusion among football fans and players. Even the German national footballer Timo Werner, the tournament is not very clear, as he admits in an interview with Sport1. "I know that the winner of our group will end up in a Final Four, and then there will be a final, which at first glance is not that easy." After all, Werner is also aware that the DFB team can dismount in the group of three. "But even if we were to descend, nothing will change if we pass the European Championship qualification," explained Werner, adding that in that case "the outcry would be great again". The new format also forces national players into a term corset. The German national team will have to pull through the European Championship qualifier, which will be drawn on 2 December, because of the Nations League in nine months from March to November 2019. This is already a "tight program," said Werner. "It is important that we go through the qualifiers." Nations League as the EM straw of the little ones More on the topic In the European Championship qualifiers, 20 of the 24 participants in the Europe-wide final tournament 2020 will be determined in ten groups. Four nations have the chance to qualify through the Nations League. The group winners in the pots A to D – four in each case – play a ticket in semi-finals and finals in March 2020. Above all, the supposedly small football nations benefit from this playoff system. For example, countries such as Georgia, Luxembourg or Kosovo have a huge chance of participating in the European Championship, as there are much stronger opponents in qualifying. Teams like Germany or France are already favorites in their groups – no matter how the group allocation in December is canceled , For these nations, the way through the Nations League playoffs would be interesting only after a failed European Championship qualification and almost a backdoor, but still to participate in the finals. Therefore, the playoffs of the League Nations are also resolved only after the European Championship qualifier and possibly filled with the runner-up. You can not blame Timo Werner for not understanding the complexity of the competition right away. For national players, the Nations League should not only consist of prestige and "cool" opponents.
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