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By red / dpa 12 October 2018 – 12:06 am Large-scale operation on the important Frankfurt-Cologne railway line: Parts of an ICE train set fire, in the end a car is completely destroyed. People are not injured after first findings.

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An ICE had to be evacuated.

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Montabaur – A fire has severely damaged an ICE on the Frankfurt-Cologne railway line, but people have not been injured, according to the railway. The fire broke out on Friday morning near Dierdorf near Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate at the back of the train on the way from Cologne to Munich. According to the railway, it had only come to a smoke on two cars, then there would have developed flames. A car was completely burned out and destroyed, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Police in Koblenz. There were no injuries, according to Bahn. The cause of the fire was initially still unclear. The important express section had to be blocked.

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According to the Federal Police, rescue workers took 510 people off the train. They came to a nearby community center, according to the Deutsche Bahn, they were brought there by bus. The train guests should be interviewed about the incident.
The clean-up and repair work is expected to last the entire Friday Because of the fire was also located near the railway line and busy highway 3 temporarily completely blocked – because of the smoke and because the fire department went from there against the flames. The firefighters used plenty of extinguishing foam. In the course of the morning, the direction of Cologne was released on the A3 again, later gradually two out of three lanes towards Frankfurt.
The cleanup and repair work is expected to last the entire Friday. How long the expressway still remains blocked, was not foreseeable at first according to railway information. After release of the emergency services, experts would get an overview of the damage caused to the tracks, catenary and signaling technology. Auxiliary locomotives and crane trains were ready. Commuters between Cologne and Frankfurt have to expect train cancellations and delays of up to 90 minutes, according to current information from Deutsche Bahn.
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