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By red / dpa October 11, 2018 – 1:20 pm This time it was a disoriented passenger who opened an escape door. For the third time in a few months, the Federal Police at Munich Airport will stop the handling.
Forty flights have been canceled more than 30 minutes late due to the incident.

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Munich – Another incident at Terminal 2 at Munich Airport has led to delays, but not to greater chaos. 40 flights are lifted more than 30 minutes late, said a spokeswoman for the operating company on Thursday. Flight cancellations did not exist.

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Incident at the airport – man in custody

The federal police had stopped the handling in the terminal for about 30 minutes on Wednesday evening. A passenger got lost after his arrival from Barcelona on the way to the exit and opened in the rush an alarm-proof door, said a spokesman.
The man pressed an emergency button on the door, so that alarm was automatically triggered. He was temporarily detained. According to the spokesman, no danger had emanated from him. According to information from the operating company, the passage was an emergency and escape door that only employees of Germany's second airport can open with their ID.
Airport wants to check if the signage can be improved It was already the third breakdown at the international hub of the Bavarian state capital. Only two weeks ago, the handling at Terminal 2 and the associated satellite terminal had been stopped. Two passengers arrived uncontrollably in the security area. After 50 minutes, the federal police gave the all-clear. At the end of July, an approximately 40-year-old woman had caused havoc when she came unchecked into a security area at the airport. The Federal Police then cleared two departure halls. 330 flights were canceled on the first weekend of the Bavarian summer vacation. Airport operators and federal police said on Thursday to consider all three incidents separately. There have been different reasons for the alarm. It is currently being examined whether the signs could be improved and expanded, said the Airport spokeswoman.

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