Prosecutor rages: "sin": Iranian women attend a football match

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Unmistakable joy: after 37 years, selected women were allowed into a football stadium in Iran. (Photo: dpa)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

About 100 selected Iranian women are being invited by the authorities for an international match. The footballers are very enthusiastic. But not at the prosecutor. She rages and even changes her argument in her anger.

For the first time in 37 years, women have followed an international match of the Iranian national football team in the stadium. The joy in the country about rethinking the international match against Bolivia did not last even 24 hours. Although the few spectators were selected by the competent authorities, the prosecutor complained about their access to the Asadi Stadium. "The ban has nothing to do with football, it's a sin," said Prosecutor General Mohamed Dschafar Montaseri. According to him, the sin is that women get to see "half-naked men" with the players – and this goes aloud Not at all. Therefore, the prosecutor's office has initiated investigations and next time will intervene consistently, the cleric, according to the news agency More. The Attorney General's argument for a stadium ban is new. The arch-conservative clergy in the country have until now believed that Islamic women have no business with frenetic male fans who may make vulgar slogans. The Iranian Football Association, the Ministry of Sport, and even President Hassan Ruhani are trying to change that position. have had little success so far. According to the news agency Isna, Iran had about 100 women in Tehran's Asadi Stadium during the game Iran vs. Bolivia. Among them are members of the players, female employees of the Iranian Football Association and members of the Iranian national women's team. They have been provided with a grandstand next to the VIP area. There, as a precaution, about a dozen policewomen were stationed, so that the visitors can not be harassed by male fans. "The cheering of the women were very interesting." Local photographers reported that the women were so excited that after so many years in the Stadium were more busy with selfies than with the game. But after that, they made "Iran! Iran!" – but call for a lot of mood – far more than the 12,000 male viewers in the rather meaningless and boring international match. And they cheered the hosts' two goals in a 2-1 victory. "The cheering of the women was indeed very interesting," said Iran's Portuguese coach Carlos Quiroz. For him, this could be "the beginning of a new era" in Iran, which he very much welcomes. The same opinion is also national player Hossein Mahini. "Hopefully, you (women) will soon be half of the Asadi Stadium," tweeted the currently injured full-back. The arena has 100,000 seats. More on the topic The presence of women in the stadium also met with a positive response in the Iranian media. "A step forward," was the headline on the front page of the renowned daily newspaper "Etemad". The media criticized, however, that many female fans were denied access to football. On Twitter, therefore, complained dozens of young women that they did not enter, although there was sufficient seats in the women's stand. During the World Cup in Russia, women were allowed for the Iran Games for the first time since 1981 in the Asadi Stadium – the public viewing. For many in the country, a stadium ban on female viewers in the 21st century is no longer viable – but the clergy continued to insist.


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