Save 0.4 Seconds Extra Time: German Basketballers Catch World Cup Ticket

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Germany's Ismet Akpinar (l.) And Dennis Schröder are happy about their victory. (Photo: Hendrik Schmid)

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The German basketball players are participating for the sixth time in a World Cup. Right up to the last minute, the team is lagging behind Israel in the qualifier, when suddenly it's all over. Before that, the team sets a special sign.

The outstanding Dennis Schröder and his team hopped up and down in a circle and hilariously celebrated the World Cup ticket. With an impressive catch-up, the German basketball players around NBA professional Schröder made the ticket for the 2019 World Cup in China prematurely perfect. In a veritable thriller, the team of national coach Henrik Rödl Israel defeated despite long poor performance with 112: 98 (92:92, 35:54) after extra time and celebrated the eighth victory in the eighth qualifier. "It was amazing, the game in general was not that good of us, but we managed to qualify," said Schröder at Telekom Sport. "We have not stopped believing in us." '); if (! $ ("# facebook-jssdk"). length) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (id)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js, fjs); }} (document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); / *]]> * / Privacy Schröder & Co. were in Leipzig at times with 23 points back, but struggled again. In the end, the Oklahoma City Thunder point-and-shooter turned on his 30-counter, 13-assists' team for acclaimed success. 0.4 seconds before the end of regular time, his spectacular alley-oop attempt on Maximilian Kleber brought the equalizer, in the five-minute extra time, the Germans then dominated at will. "Games like today are not always experienced every day," said Rödl. I'm really happy for the team. "" This team is fun "It was enough for the sixth German World Cup participation at the earliest possible date – and the first since the era of Dirk Nowitzki. "You can dream, you can set goals," said DBB President Ingo Weiss on the World Cup next year from 31 August to 15 September, in which the Olympic qualification is targeted. "This team, which we have now, there is a lot together, that's fun." Recently, the men's selection of the German Basketball Federation was eight years ago in Turkey at a World Cup, during the tournament, the Nowitzki resigned in the national team paused , Led by the Würzburger, the German team secured the so far only medal in 2002 in the USA with bronze. In addition to Schröder, Robin Benzing returned to the team after his return, scoring 24 points. At 86:43 in completely overburdened Estonians on September 13, the captain had been missing because of a stay at his new club Besiktas Istanbul. Against racism and xenophobia More On the subject before the sporting feat the German team had set a remarkable social signal. Together, Schröder & Co. expressed themselves clearly in a video and a statement against racism and xenophobia. The first warm-up, they also wore T-shirts with the slogan #Wirsindmehr. "We stand up for humanity and plead for dialogue instead of hate and violence," said the team. The start of the game overslept the German team, showed at the beginning, especially on the defensive too inattentive, allowed the guests simple baskets. Quick was the DBB selection back, was always offensively carelessness. Schroeder put his teammates in scene several times, went with some passes but also too much risk. With irresistible train he made by basler at 16:14 after seven minutes for the first German lead. But even this brought no security in the German game. In the beginning of the second section, there were no points for almost five minutes and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. "We rotate too slowly, so they have open throws, they do the litters, so we can not keep up," said NBA pro Maximilian Kleber at Telekom Sport during the break. "We have to grow in the defense." And the German team kept its word: With a dunking Schröder put an exclamation point, thanks to the increased self-confidence fell also the distance throws. Danilo Barthel gave the first lead again with 77:76 with six minutes to go – and then the nerves stopped in the thrilling final phase.


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