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By red / dpa October 11, 2018 – 19:12 clock As soon as the beach season is over, the autumn in southern Europe with torrents feeds. In Mallorca, many citizens are on the edge, Sardinia is fighting floods on the Côte d'Azur cars are washed into the sea. Germans are also among the victims.

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A total of twelve people die from the storm on the holiday island of Mallorca, including three Germans.

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Palma – In the severe storm on the Spanish island of Mallorca, three Germans have lost their lives. Two corpses discovered on Thursday were a missing German couple since Wednesday, confirmed a spokeswoman for the emergency service of the Balearic Islands of the German Press Agency. Even a dead already recovered shortly after the storm, who initially could not be identified, was a German, said the spokeswoman.

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        7 pictures 0 videos Mallorca
"Swam for survival" – dead and chaos in bad weather

        Bad weather in Mallorca
Tennis star Nadal offers support and accommodation

        Bad weather in Mallorca
Two missing Germans probably dead

Overall, the number of deaths on the holiday island rose to twelve. In other southern European regions, there were also devastating storms with heavy rain and deaths.
The couple in Mallorca had been found near his vehicle, which had been found empty on the flooded route between the towns of Artà and Canyamel, it said. For the exact origin of the German victims, there were initially no information, but the couple should have lived according to information from the emergency service in Mallorca. According to the Spanish television, the two were 63 and 61 years old.
Roads turned into rivers A five-year-old child was further missing. According to Balearic President Francina Armengol, about 800 task forces participated in the search for the boy and the Germans. After a torrential rain on Tuesday evening, several places on the east coast of Majorca had been flooded. Roads turned into raging rivers and were partially washed away completely. The villages Betlem and Colònia de Sant Pere are largely cut off from the outside world, reported the "Mallorca Magazine". Also on the Italian island Sardinien and in the south of France there was unusually heavy rain. The other survivors recovered in Mallorca are six men and four women, according to the forces on Twitter. In addition to the Germans were three other victims foreigners – a couple from the UK and a Dutchwoman. The worst hit was the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar 60 kilometers east of Palma. Within just two hours, more than 230 liters of water had fallen from the sky in the region according to the weather service. Thereupon a brook overflowed the banks – the masses of water tore everything that stood in their way. Tennis star Rafael Nadal takes part in cleanup On Friday King Felipe and Queen Letizia want to travel to the area according to media reports to get a personal impression of the situation. "The road through the village is like an odyssey," said a commentator on Spanish television. Two days after the storm, people were still wading ankle deep through brown mud. Thousands of inhabitants lost all their possessions in the disaster, as it was said. Balearic President Armengol spoke of "millions in damages". Numerous volunteers participated in the clean-up and relief operations, including Majorcan tennis star Rafael Nadal. Shortly after the disaster, he had opened his sports facility "Rafa Nadal Academy" in Manacor for people who could not sleep in their homes. In pictures you can see how the 32-year-old also frees a car repair shop in rubber boots and work gloves with a broom of mud. Also Sardinia fought on Thursday with high water and heavy rain. The Chief of Civil Defense, Angelo Borrelli, called on the citizens not to expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Especially bad was the situation around the capital Cagliari. Schools and public facilities remained closed. Even southern France affected by severe weather dozens of people were brought to safety, roads closed. Apparently just in time: The transfer of a connecting road between Cagliari and Capoterra on Wednesday had not withstood the force of the water and was broken. "For me, the only thing that matters is that there were no injuries. The damage can be repaired, "said the mayor of Capoterra, Francesco Dessì. Elsewhere, however, there were dramatic scenes: A family wanted to flee in the car, because the river near its house had swelled threatening. The father and the three daughters were able to get to safety, the mother was carried away by the water and found dead on Thursday. The flood had swallowed the car literally, as seen in photos. Other parts of Italy also had severe weather warnings, for example in Liguria. Also affected was the south of France, where after heavy rain several cars were flushed into the Mediterranean. A human was found dead in his car. In the town of Sainte-Maxime near Saint-Tropez on the Côte d'Azur, five cars were swept by a overflowed small river, said the local prefect Jean-Luc Videlaine on Thursday the station BFMTV.
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