Skistar makes it official: Lindsey Vonn finishes her career in 2019

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Lindsey Vonn will soon say goodbye to her active career (Photo: imago / Eibner Europa)

Friday, October 12, 2018

First it fuels speculation, now ski racer Lindsey Vonn officially announces her retirement. At a performance in New York, the 33-year-old says it makes no physical sense for her anymore.

Ski racer Lindsey Vonn has announced that she will finish her career after the upcoming 2019 season. The 33-year-old told US broadcaster NBC in New York she was at a point where it physically no longer made sense to her. "I'd really like to be active when I'm older, so I have to look to the future and not just focus on what lies ahead." Vonn is one of the most successful athletes with her many World Cup victories and Olympic medals. Already in August, she had hinted at a soon-to-be end of career – and soon after relativized again. At Instagram, she wrote a question, "This is the last season of my career." When she was asked a little later if it was her last season, she should not crack the Ingemar Stenmark victory record, the American wrote: "Difficult question, I do not know the answer." More about Vonn won 82 World Cup races. For the record of Stenmark you still miss four victories. Vonn answered the questions in an Instagram story. Things posted there disappear again after 24 hours. "If I can do it, a dream would come true," NBC Sports Vonn quoted in reference to the potential Stenmark record. "If not, I think I had an incredibly successful career, no matter what, I'm still the most successful female ski racer."


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