Springboard in Formula 1: Mick Schumacher reaches for the European title

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In victory pose – Mick Schumacher (Photo: imago / HochTwo / Suer)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

At the Hockenheimring Mick Schumacher can celebrate his greatest success on the weekend. He is the favorite of the European Championship title in Formula 3. The sporting coronation would bring him one step closer to his big dream.

The biggest surname in motorsport, the ever-high expectations, the many curious looks. Only Mick Schumacher knows what that feels like. Since the son of Michael Schumacher made the decision to climb into the cockpit himself, he carries an enormous load around with him. Of course, this name also "doors open" him, says the 19-year-old, but he has to go through alone: ​​"You still have to prove what you can." At the weekend, Schumacher now gets his biggest chance yet, the title in the Formula 3 European Championship is close enough to touch. "I will still go one step at a time and look only race by race," he said before the finale at Hockenheim. He does not want to put pressure on him, he does not abandon his approach, which has been successful so far. Schumacher arrives with a comfortable pad. He has 329 points and thus 49 more than pursuer Daniel Ticktum from Great Britain. Actually nothing can go wrong from Schumacher's point of view – already in the two races on Saturday (10.00 and 16.30 o'clock) he can get the champion's trophy. On Sunday (10.05 clock), it is the last time on the track. All three races can be seen on n-tv and on n-tv.de in the event stream. The goal remains Formula One It would be the highlight of his career so far and the crowning of an outstanding second season in Formula 3. By the way, probably the best job application for the jump into the premier class. Because, and Schumacher makes no secret of that for years, the Formula 1 is the big goal. "I'm not dissuaded from that", he had already told the SID in 2017: "I focus on myself and do not look at the other drivers, everyone has their own development, this is not comparable." More about 2015 Schumacher had completed his first season in the formula car. In the ADAC Formula 4, he repeatedly pointed to his great potential, always in the public eye. Schumacher Junior had nothing to do with the decision in the championship – nevertheless, most fans and journalists always gathered around the then 16-year-old's car. A year later, he joined Prema Racing, was runner-up and in 2017 with the Italian team in Formula 3 auf.Nach several setbacks followed this season's breakthrough. And where, if not in Spa, in the "living room" of his father, should Mick Schumacher celebrate his first win of the season? On the 28th of July in the Ardennes, the career of the youngster finally gained momentum. Suddenly it ran. The pressure from the outside, the high expectations – all of this was no longer inhibited. Seven victories followed, in the meantime five in a row. The championship is not decided yet, asserts the youngster. But he himself knows that he has all the trumps in Hockenheim in his hand. The place where the hype surrounding his father reached its peak year after year.
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