Unequivocal results: New drug helps to lose weight

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Obesity is an ever-increasing problem. Researchers are convinced that a new remedy can not only help fight obesity, but also improves blood levels. It is already approved for diabetes therapy.

Obesity is a problem for sufferers. Consequences, stigmatization by fellow human beings and recurring failures in weight loss are just a few examples of what overweight people have to deal with. How nice it would be if there was a means by which obesity could be successfully combated. Researchers from several countries have targeted and tested its effectiveness. The drug, called semaglutide, has been tested on more than 900 patients. The new substance, which is already used in diabetes therapy, has a similar effect to the body's own intestinal hormones, which create the feeling of fullness. In the worldwide investigations, which also involved a team led by Professor Andreas Birkenfeld from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden, could a significant reduction in body weight compared to placebo administration. Most of the body weight lost those who had been treated with the highest dose semaglutide. Weight loss of up to 17 percent of baseline body weight could be observed in the study. From obese to obese Weekly administration of semaglutide over a 52 week period made it possible for a person with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to have a BMI of 29 attributed. This could be downgraded from obese to overweight. "Not only did the patient lose weight, but he also tolerated semaglutide, and the side effects are not critical," says Birkenfeld, who heads the Metabolic-Vascular Medicine Study Center in Dresden. But not only the pounds tumbled in the subjects. The levels of blood sugar, fats and pressure also dropped. Learn more The 52-week remedy was combined with nutritional advice and physical activity. Overall, write the researchers in the journal "The Lancet", semaglutide was well tolerated. Side effects that were typical for the substance group were dose-dependent symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract. Nausea has been reported most frequently. Researchers are confident the results for the new drug represent the beginning of a new era in drug-based obesity therapy. Because it can be tackled immediately two problems with a drug. In addition to helping to reduce weight, semaglutide can also reduce the causes of cardiovascular disease. However, there is no approval for obesity therapy.

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